Welcome! I’m HAN DONG HEON, Chairman of The Korean Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (KOSCAP).

We live in an time when sustainable support for music creators is needed more than ever. Because music has such a cultural impact on people's consciousness and emotions, we must reward music creators to preserve the craft. To solve the current problems in a progressive way and establish the desirable direction of music copyright, the Korean Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers has been established in Korea as a new music copyright trust management organization.

We continue to expand our membership support programs based on a strong vision and management strategy with efficient and transparent management and strive to provide satisfaction to all our members. Along with these improvements, we are improving services for all our members to properly be able to monitor their works and agreements.

Our focus is on global growth rather than solely in the domestic market with a long-term vision for the copyright industry and increase our employee capability to the top level. Finally, we are working with the government and related organizations to build and supply more public infrastructure to secure overseas markets and collection. We will continue overcome challenges and innovate and put our members at the center of our business.

If you have a heavy heart, I comfort you with warm words. If you have a warm heart, we share the joy with everyone. KOSCAP strives to be an association worthy of your trust and will continue to be a leader in the protection of music rights of all our members. Thank you for your support.

With the warmest regards, HAN DONG HEON